august 7, 2011
6:00subspacefunker vogt
 former selficn of coil
 no excusepsy-aviah
 now or neverunterart
 scorpio eyesxp8
 worlock [remix dystemper]skinny puppy
 domination [die form]seabound
 ticktackpride and fall
 this is my riflecombichrist
 8 bitsmind in a box
7:00super powerkmfdm
 blood beatsmoving units
 kathys song [vnv nation mix]apoptygma berzerk
 fest der liebeherzschlag
 untold blasphemies [gate mix]hocico
 my secret friendIAMX
 frayedcesium 137
 prey on youi:scintilla
 call the ships to portcovenant
 stern krieghanzel und gretyl
 failurethe parallel project
 my despairin strict confidence
8:00time zerodo or die
 silent killerdecoded feedback
 now you will paylaibach
 seventeenx marks the pedwalk
 fatherlanddie krupps
 unendlichkeitillusion of light
 motorcycle maniac3 angry poles
 time to be alivedevision
 the bombneuroticfish
 day of lightkmfdm
 drop the maskxp8
 flood IIsisters of mercy
 the end pt 1shiv-r
 wreath of barbswumpscut
 battlefieldpanzer ag
 gothic paradiserotersand
 sanctifiednine inch nails
 endzeitorange sector
 retro humansmp
 your godproject pitchfork
10:00oh my gothrazed in black
 sojournerliquid devine
 panzer menschand one
 stage freightedge of dawn
 universe of loveterminal choice
 consume your vengenceterminal choice
 why meskold vs kmfdm
 it doesnt mattermonicom
11:00like tears in raincovenant
 shifting through the lensfront line assembly
 chemicals & circuitrygrendel
 find youre gonewolfsheim
 love your neighborkomor kommando
 dead enough for lifeicon of coil
 strap me downleaether strip
 lustreclaire voyant
 body countfunker vogt
 someones speakinglegion within